SAR Presidents and Rappaport Lecturers

Tom Csordas established the Roy A. Rappaport Distinguished Lecture in the Anthropology of Religion. He also established the Presidential Roundtable, with the first one being on ‘Religion and Globalization’ and featuring Jonathan Friedman, Roland Robertson, and Talal Asad.

SAR Presidents and Rappaport Lecturers

1998-2001: Tom Csordas (President)—Talal Asad (Rappaport Lecturer)

2001-2003: Janice Boddy—J.D.Y. Peel

2003-2005: Michael Lambek—Maurice Bloch

2005-2007: Ellen Badone—Jean Comaroff

2007-2009: Stephan Palmié—Vincent Crapanzano

2009-2011: Margaret Wiener—Peter Pels

2011-2013: Janet Hoskins—Lorand Matory

2013-2015: Joel Robbins—Webb Keane

2015-2017: Adeline Masquelier—Charles Hirschkind

2017-2019: Simon Coleman—Joel Robbins

2019-2021: Courtney Handman—Amira Mittermaier

2021-2023: Daromir Rudnyckyj—Irfan Ahmad