Every year, SAR sponsors several panels on the anthropology of religion at the Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA). In 2018, the meeting will be held in San Jose, CA.

Recent Sessions

At the 2017 meeting in Washington, D.C., SAR sponsored 22 sessions. See also this PDF compiled by then-section President Adeline Masquelier:

  • Race, Religion, and the State: Afro-Diasporic Imaginaries and the Politics of Black Self-Making
  • Author Meets Critics: Anthropologists Respond to Derrick Lemons’ Theologically Engaged Anthropology
  • The Dharma and the Dime: Ethics and Economics in the Anthropology of Buddhism
  • Sacred places, sacred journeys
  • Time and Event in the Anthropology of the Middle East
  • `Ilm and Knowledge Production in the Islamic World: Revisiting the Madrasa Complex (Part 1)
  • `Ilm and Knowledge Production in the Islamic World: Revisiting the Madrasa Complex (Part 2)
  • Islam and Economic Theologies
  • Rethinking Piety
  • Exemplary Women and Everyday Islam
  • Theorizing Conversion in Cross-Cultural Contexts
  • Controversy and Community: Examining the Intersections of Religion and Sexuality
  • Ethnography, Misrepresentations of Islam, and Advocacy
  • Reframing Ritual and Ritualizing Return: Where, When and How Religion Matters
  • Vodu(n) Matters (Part 1)
  • Vodu(n) Matters (Part 2)
  • Affective Effects: Mediated Islam in Southeast Asia
  • Tradition, Ethics, and the Everyday: Transcending a Divide in the Anthropology of Islam
  • Turning East: Contributions from Eastern Christianity to Negotiating Inter-Christian Engagement, Ethnic Diversity, and Cultural Creativity
  • ‘Moral Returns on Your Money’: Religion and Ethics in the Contemporary Economy
  • Discussing Religious Belonging