Book Series

Contemporary Anthropology of Religion Book Series

SAR, with Palgrave Macmillan, offers the Contemporary Anthropology of Religion Series dedicated to strengthening existing research trends in the anthropology of religion, while reaching out to a whole new audience. The series editors are Don Seeman (dseeman “at” and Hillary Kaell (hillary.kaell “at”

Written from diverse perspectives, the books in this series make significant contributions to theoretical discussion, area expertise, and public cultural debates. Especially welcome are books with ethnographic excellence, theoretical interest, and broad comparative appeal that demonstrate the importance of the anthropology of religion to new readerships, including interdisciplinary ones. Books in the series explore a variety of issues relating to current theoretical or comparative issues in the study of religion. These include the relation between religion and the body, social memory, gender, ethnoreligious violence, globalization, modernity, and multiculturalism, among others. Recent historical events have suggested that religion plays a central role in the contemporary world, and Contemporary Anthropology of Religion provides a crucial forum for the expansion of our understanding of religion globally.

Books in the Series