October 2022 Newsletter

Hello everyone,

SAR newsletter for this month has arrived! We did not publish the newsletter last month due to personal issues at my end; I apologize. I am currently in Indonesia and conducting my dissertation fieldwork, so I couldn’t check my email as often as before. However, if you have any information that you’d like me to circulate to the broader SAR audience, please do not hesitate to email me! I might not be able to reply to your email right away, but I will try my best to include your information in the upcoming newsletter!

As always, we hope to include as many information germane to the anthropology of religion as we could, so please do not hesitate to contact me (febiramadhan2025@u.northwestern.edu) if you have anything to share! We will always look forward to including new books and articles, calls for papers, employment opportunities, awards and prizes, conferences and workshops, publishing opportunities, grant and fellowship opportunities, podcasts, public scholarships, and any other information that you can think of in SAR newsletter to come.

As always, keep up with the most recent SAR news and activities on our websiteFacebook, and Twitter pages! You are certainly welcome to engage with these pages and accounts as well. If you are on Twitter and have something that you wouldd like to be retweeted (or you want us to tweet that information), just DM or mention @AnthroReligion. We are here to support any anthropological scholarship on religion from all the subdisciplines, so do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Thank you,

Febi R. Ramadhan
SAR Communication Liaison
PhD Candidate, Northwestern University

New Books and Articles

Beyond the Synagogue: Jewish Nostalgia as Religious Practice
Rachel B. Gross
New York University Press, 2022

Engaging Evil: A Moral Anthropology
William C. Olsen and Thomas J. Csordas (Editors)
Berghahn Books, 2022

Francophone Migrations, French Islam and Wellbeing: The Soninke Foyer in Paris
Dafne Accoroni
Berghahn Books, 2022

Muslims on the Margins: Creating Queer Religious Community in North America
Katrina Daly Thompson
New York University Press, 2023

Call for Papers

American Examples Workshop

  • American Examples is a collaborative working group for early career scholars who study religion in America, broadly conceived, from a variety of disciplines.
  • American Examples seeks applications for participants from any untenured scholar who studies so-called “religion in America,” very broadly conceived.
  • Application deadline: November 7, 2022

Religion Performed: Insights at the Intersection of Religiosity, Performance, and Performativity

  • The 28th Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference at Concordia University, March 9, 2023 (in-person) and March 16, 2023 (virtual)
  • Possible areas of exploration: Religiosity, performativity and the digital space; Performed faith (onstage, in daily life, etc.); Remembrance (personal, collective); Identity formation/reconfiguration; Performances/artistic presentations (poetry, music, dance, etc.) and their contingent contexts; Ritual (its sources and iterations); Material practices and objects
  • Proposal deadline: November 15, 2022

Sensational Religion

  • The 20th Annual Religion Graduate Student Symposium at Florida State University, February 17-18, 2023
  • Possible topics include but not limited to: Sensing Religion; Embodiment, Corporeality, & the Transhuman; Religion & Hip-hop; Form and Feeling in Religious Discourse; Religion & Material Culture; Religion & Sound; Affect Theory; Feeling Space, Building Religion; Religion, Taste & Foodways; Existentialism; Religion & the Experiences of Identity-Making: Race, Gender, Disability, Age, Class; Passing, Hiding, and In/Visibility; Religion, Disgust, and Heresy; Exhaustion and Burnout in Religion and its Study; Panic, Anxiety, and Emergency; Feeling-Values and the Religious Experience; Disgust, Pain, Pleasure, Fear, Terror; Moral & Ethics of Religious Beauty/Ugliness; State-Mediated Public Emotions; Ethics of Eco-Aesthetics
  • Abstract deadline: December 1, 2022

The Spalding Symposium on Indian Religions

  • Theme: Authority, Lineage, & Schism
  • The conference includes both religions of South Asian origin wherever in the world they are being practiced, and those of non-South Asian origin present within South Asia. We welcome papers based upon all research methods, including textual, historical, ethnographic, sociological, and philosophical.
  • Abstract deadline: December 22, 2022