SAR 2017 Final Schedule

Final Schedule

We’ve finished the final schedule for our Biennial Meeting in one week in New Orleans, LA, May 15-17.


Click here for a PDF of the panel abstracts, and here for individually-submitted abstracts.


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We look forward to seeing many of you soon in New Orleans!

Final Schedule

Society for the Anthropology of Religion 

Biennial Meeting – 2017

New Orleans, LA

Department of Anthropology

Dinwiddie Hall

Tulane University

6823 St. Charles Avenue

New Orleans LA 70118

Monday, May 15, 2017

2:45-4:30pm ~ 110 Weinmann Hall

Presidential Panel: Misty Bastian, Simon Coleman, Sondra Hausner, and Ramon Sarró

4:45-6:00pm ~ 110 Weinmann Hall

Presidential Lecture: Adeline Masquelier

6.00-8.00 ~ Dinwiddie Hall (3rd floor)


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

3:30-5:00pm ~ 110 Weinmann Hall

Rappaport Lecture: Charles Hirschkind

5:00-6:00pm ~ 415 Dinwiddie Hall

Board Meeting

6:30-8:30pm ~ New Orleans Athletic Club (French Quarter)



Monday Morning, May 15, 2017

8:00-9:45 ~ 102 Dinwiddie Hall

Politicizing the Times

Chair: Paul Buehler (Loyola University)

  • Paul Buehler (Loyola University): Evaluating Texts in Time: Censorship and Religious Conflict in Early Modern Europe
  • Amy Flynn-Curran (Maynooth University, Ireland): “No Anti-church Diatribes, No Signs or Banners, and Sunday-best Dress”: Mormon Feminists and the Role of Clothing and Respectability in Activism
  • Charles McCrary (Florida State University): “Pretend to a Knowledge of Futurity”: Anti-Fortune-Telling Statutes and the Regulation of Religion
  • Moshe Kornfeld (Washington University in St. Louis): If Not Now: Politicizing Religious Time
  • Jain Pankaj (University of North Texas): A Dharmic Categorization for the “Religions” of India, China, and Japan

8:00-9:45 ~ 103 Dinwiddie Hall

Temporality, Spiritual Ethics, and the Marketing of (Dis)Enchantment

Chair: Laurel Zwissler (Central Michigan University)

  • Laurel Zwissler (Central Michigan University): Where the Heart Is: Nostalgia, Gender, and Consumption in a Religiously Motivated Fair-Trade Organization
  • Laura L. Cochrane (Central Michigan University): Religiously Present and Past in a New Senegalese Sufi Community
  • Lorraine V. Aragon (University of North Carolina): We Don’t Call Ourselves Creators: Ritual Arts, Time, and Copyright Law
  • Michael Ostling (Arizona State University): The Protestant Ethic and the Spirits of Anti-Capitalism: Re-Rethinking Disenchantment, Again
  • James Peacock (University of North Carolina): Discussant

8:00-9:45 ~ 108 Dinwiddie Hall

Dealings with the Dead

Chair: JoAnn D’Alisera (University of Arkansas)

  • JoAnn D’Alisera (University of Arkansas): Proper Burial and the Afterlife: Reordering Space and Time in the Sierra Leonean Muslim Diaspora
  • Ehler Voss (University of Siegen) The Time of the Ghost Hunters
  • John A. Napora (University of South Florida): The Time of Spirits
  • Greg Wright (University of Texas): Purity and the Atom: Cultural Scripts of Purity and Taboo and the Link between Japan’s Outcasts, Traditional and Modern

10:00-11:45 ~ 102 Dinwiddie Hall

Everyday and Lived Islams

Chair: Roberta Ricucci (University of Torino)

  • Roberta Ricucci (University of Torino): Muslims’ Everyday Religious Life: News from the Moroccan Diaspora in Southern Europe
  • Oguz Alyanak (Washington University in St. Louis): Conceptualizing Boş Zaman [Empty Time]: Revisiting the Notion of Leisure in Turkish Islam
  • Abdoulaye Sounaye (Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient, Germany): Listen, the Time is Coming, Fill Your Ears with the Sunna! Women Listening to Sermons in Niamey
  • Dilsa Deniz (University of New Hampshire): Time, Timelessness and Eternity in Alevi Belief

10:00-11:45 ~ 103 Dinwiddie Hall

Sleepless Nights: Rituals of Nocturnal Sociality          

Chair: Zebulon Y. Dingley (University of Chicago)

  • Sean M. Dowdy (University of Chicago): The Arrival of the Naked Men: Reflections on a Collective Panic
  • Robert W. Blunt (Lafayette College): Doing Theory After Dark: Running at Night in Western Kenya and the Anthropology of the Good (Enough)
  • Jane L. Saffitz (University of California Davis): Laying Bare the Work of Good Fortune: Albino Medicine, Visibility Politics and Fate as Bodily Practice
  • Laura Meek (University of California, Davis): Dreams as Medical Practice in Tanzania
  • Zebulon Dingley (University of Chicago): The Bitter Flesh of Man: Predation and Necrophagy in Uwanga
  • James H. Smith (University of California, Davis): Discussant

10:00-11:45 ~ 108 Dinwiddie Hall

Traditions and Transformations in Indigenous and Amerindian Societies

Chair: Christopher B. Bolfing (University of Arkansas)

  • Christopher B. Bolfing (University of Arkansas): Sacred Calendars and the Concept of Time in Traditional Mvskoke Religious Ceremonialism
  • Whitney Cox (University of Houston): Time and Cosmology in the White Shaman Mural
  • James Andrew Whitaker (Tulane University): Time and Transformation in Awacaipu’s Religion
  • Edward Abse (Virginia Commonwealth University): Timely Innovations/Divergent Futures: Shifting Temporal Modalities of Shamanic Visionary Experience in Mazatec Indian Religious Life

11:45 – 1:00 ~ Dinwiddie Hall (3rd floor)



Monday Afternoon, May 15, 2017

1:00-2:30 ~ 102 Dinwiddie Hall

Ontology, Cosmology, and the Politics of Ethno-Racial Difference

Chairs: LaShandra Sullivan (Reed) and Elina I. Hartikainen (HCAS)

  • Brent Crosson (UT Austin): Is God a Trini or a Rock?: Time, Nation, and Ontological Difference in Amerindian and African Rituals of Sovereignty
  • Elina I. Hartikainen (Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies): “Oxalá Goes to War!”: African Deities Enter Politics in Salvador, Brazil
  • LaShandra Sullivan (Reed College): Guarani “Being” and Land Struggle
  • Kerry Chance (Louisiana State University): Habitable Air: Climate Politics in Urban South Africa
  • Michael Cepek (UT San Antonio): Discussant

1:00-2:30 ~ 103 Dinwiddie Hall

Time and Taboos across Boundaries

Chair: David Strohl (Colby College)

  • David Strohl (Colby College): Love Jihad, Inter-religious Marriage, and the Politics of Progress in Contemporary India
  • Jain Pankaj (University of North Texas): Discovering Neo-orientalist Blind Spots in the Research about Jains’ Interactions with Muslim Emperors
  • Vanja Hamzić (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London): Archival Violence: An Ethnography of (Un)Archiving the Life and Death of the Enslaved Gender-Variant Muslim
  • Ram Natarajan (University of Arkansas): The Cross on the Courtroom Wall: Trials of State Violence, Indigeneity, and Argentina

1:00-2:30 ~ 108 Dinwiddie Hall

Technologies and Temporalities

Chair: Heather Mellquist Lehto (University of California, Berkeley)

  • Heather Mellquist Lehto (University of California, Berkeley): “A New Paradigm”: Technology and the Future of Korean Christianity
  • Sydney Yeager (Southern Methodist University): Facebook Shrines: Blurring of the Secular and Sacred in the Time of Social Media
  • Mark Soileau (Hacettepe University): Synchronizing Moments in the Alevi Miraçlama Ritual
  • Hector Guazon (University of the Philippines-Diliman): Things, Selves, and the Local: Religious Inflections of Cosmopolitan Villagers

1.00-2.30 ~ 415 Dinwiddie Hall

Mentoring Session for Graduate Students with Charles Hirschkind (University of California, Berkeley)



2:45-4:30 ~ 110 Weinmann Hall

Presidential Panel

Misty Bastian (Franklin and Marshall College), Simon Coleman (University of Toronto), Sondra Hausner (University of Oxford), Ramon Sarró (University of Oxford)


4:45-6:00 ~ 110 Weinmann Hall

Presidential Lecture

Adeline Masquelier (Tulane University)


6.00-8.00 ~ Dinwiddie Hall (Anthropology Department) 3rd floor


Tuesday Morning, May 16, 2017


8:00-9:45 ~ 102 Dinwiddie Hall

When the Gods Read What We Write (Part 1): Rhythms of Reading and Writing across Theology and Anthropology

Chair: Marc Roscoe Loustau (College of the Holy Cross)

  • Marc Roscoe Loustau (College of the Holy Cross): Memoir and Sacred Ethnology in Contemporary Transylvania
  • Robyn Henderson-Espinoza (Pacific School of Theology): Non-Hegemonic Subjectivities: The Role of Radical Interconnectedness and Theories of the Flesh
  • Joel Christian Reed (Michigan State University): Unblinded: Coming to Grips with Demonic Possession at the Little Vatican”
  • Todd Whitmore (University of Notre Dame): Ethnography as Askēsis: Beyond the Religious/Secular Divide in Anthropological Discourse
  • Derrick Lemons (University of Georgia): Discussant

8:00-9:45 ~ 103 Dinwiddie Hall

Contrasting Models of Christian Temporality

Chair: Devaka Premawardhana (Colorado College)

  • Devaka Premawardhana (Colorado College): Rupture Routinized: Rites of Passage(s) as Model for Christian Conversion(s)
  • Jessica Johnson (University of Washington): Perpetually Born Again: Baptism and the Affective Politics of Joyful Encounter
  • Douglas Bafford (Brandeis University): Lessons from an Ethnographer’s “Among the Text”: Some Comparative Notes on Epistemological Authority across History, Anthropology, and Christianity
  • Elayne Oliphant (New York University): Nostalgic Catholicism: The Temporal Politics of Presence in Paris

8:00-9:45 ~ 108 Dinwiddie Hall

Spirits, Relationalities, and Time

Chair: Rachelle M. Scott (University of Tennessee)

  • Rachelle M. Scott (University of Tennessee): Restless Ghosts and Karmic Time: Reflections on Temporality in Thai Buddhism
  • Eugenia Rainey (Tulane University): The Role of the Spiritual Mass in Promoting Spiritual and Temporal Agency
  • Samuel Ward (Queen’s University, Belfast): Authenticity, Orthopraxis and Efficacy in New Orleans Vodou: The Cases of Ancestor Veneration and Spirit Possession
  • Seth Palmer (University of Toronto): Moving Spirits, Sarimbavy Mediums and the Transgenerational Sexual Socialities of Possession


10:00-11:45 ~ 108 Dinwiddie Hall

When the Gods Read What We Write (Part 2): Formation, Writing, and Divine Agency

Chair: Hannah Hofheinz (Ecumenical Theological Seminary)

  • Katherine Dugan (Springfield College): “If you Pray About It, God’ll Give you an Opportunity to Do it”: Gendering Prayers, Catholic Millennials, and the Rhythms of Ethnography
  • George Gonzalez (Monmouth University): Conjurations of Spiritual Capitalism: The Anthropology of Galina Lindquist Between the Imperatives of Critique and “Real Presence”
  • Hannah Hofheinz (Ecumenical Theological Seminary): Liberating Lives in Text: When a Theologian Learns from an Anthropologist How to Write”
  • Axel Marc Oaks Takács (Harvard Divinity School): The Demand for Subjectivity in Comparative Theology
  • Don Seeman (Emory University): Inscribing Divinity: Writing Chabad Hasidism
  • Mathew N. Schmalz (College of the Holy Cross): Discussant

10:00-11:45 ~ 103 Dinwiddie Hall

Temporal Reorientations, Renewals, and Revolutions

Chair: Nicole Eggers (Loyola University)

  • Nicole Eggers (Loyola University): Narrating Spiritual Time: Revelation, Miracles, and the History of Wamalkia wa Ubembe
  • Behrooz Moazami (Loyola University): Time, Religious Moments, and the 1979 Revolution
  • Cleonardo Maricio Junior (Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil): Politics of Everyday Life: How Young Pentecostal Believers Have Taken Political Stands Based on their Religious Affiliation in Brazilian Universities
  • Travis Webb (Claremont Graduate University): “Religious” Time and National Renewal: The Miraculous Inauguration of Donald J. Trump
  • Safet HadžiMuhamedović (University of Bristol): Waiting to Wait: Time, Religion and Politics in a Bosnian Landscape

10:00-11:45 ~ 102 Dinwiddie Hall

Author Meets Critics: Kabir Tambar (Stanford University): The Reckoning of Pluralism: Political Belonging and the Demands of History in Turkey


  • Yigit Akin (Tulane University)
  • Mark Lewis Soileau (Hacettepe University)
  • Rabia Harmansah (Lafayette College)
  • Ozcan Esra (Tulane University)

10:00-11:45 ~ 201 Dinwiddie Hall

The Politics of Religious Time and Secular Time

Chair: Kim Knibbe (University of Groningen)

  • Ruy Llera Blanes (Incipit, Spain): Re-remembering and the ‘Usual Cyclicity’: On the Value of Temporal Repetition in the Tokoist Church (Angola)
  • Kim Knibbe (University of Groningen): Pentecostal Time and Secular Time in the Encounter between Nigerian Missionaries and the Dutch
  • Brenda Bartelink (University of Groningen): Religion, Sexuality and Secular Politics of Time in Dutch Health Approaches
  • Jelle Wiering (University of Groningen): “Either Dusty or Dangerous”: Cultural Sexularism in the Netherlands
  • Miranda Klaver (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): In Sync with the Time and Synchronizing Time: The Hillsong Megachurch Network
  • H. Roeland (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): Earthing in a “Modern” Age: Gardening, Sacralization and the Everyday Politics of Time


Lunch ~ Dinwiddie Hall (3rd floor)


Tuesday Afternoon, May 16, 2017

1:30-3:15 ~ 102 Dinwiddie Hall

Roundtable: Critique as Horizon, Critique as Specter: Reflections from the Anthropology of Religion

[Sponsored by Critical Research on Religion,]

Chairs/Organizers: James S. Bielo (Miami University), Rebekka King (Middle Tennessee State University)

  • Participants (5-7 minutes each): James S. Bielo (Miami University), Saliha Chattoo (University of Toronto), Nofit Itzhak (University of California, San Diego), Rebekka King (Middle Tennessee State University), Jon Bialecki (University of Edinburgh), Discussant.

1:30-3:15 ~103 Dinwiddie Hall  

Temporalities and Subjectivities in Islam

Chair: Nurhaizatul Jamil (College of the Holy Cross)

  • Nurhaizatul Jamil (College of the Holy Cross) “God Tests Us with Both Hardship and Ease”: Islamic Self-Help Education and Minoritarian Subjectivities in Contemporary Singapore
  • Michelle Hagman (Simon Fraser University): The Everyday Lives of Muslim Youths in Vancouver B.C.
  • Meryem Zaman (City University of New York): Creating Antagonists, Constructing Identity: Islamic Movements and Recruitment in Pakistan
  • Seema Golestaneh (Indiana University Bloomington): Whither Rupture? Time, Ritual and Definitions of the Everyday in Sufi Iran

1:30-3:15 ~108 Dinwiddie Hall  

Religion, Time, and Economy

Chair: Amy Stambach (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

  • Amy Stambach (University of Wisconsin-Madison): Spirit Possession: Alienation’s Opposite?
  • Alexander Stewart (University of California, San Diego): The New Old-Fashioned Way: The Temporality of Islamic Revival in Modern China
  • Jesse Miller (Florida State University): A View of the Past: The 1957 Funeral of the Mogho Naba and its Relevance Today
  • Victoria Sheldon (University of Toronto): “The Road Back to Nature”: Reversing Secular Temporalities in Aspiration for Chronic Illness Empowerment through Nature Cure (Prakriti Jeevanam) Therapy in Post-Development Kerala, south India


3:30-5:00 ~ 110 Weinmann Hall

Rappaport Lecture

Charles Hirschkind (University of California, Berkeley)


5:00-6:00 ~ 415 Dinwiddie Hall

Board Meeting


6:30-8:30 ~ New Orleans Athletic Club (French Quarter)


Wednesday Morning, May 17, 2017

8:00-9:45 ~ 102 Dinwiddie Hall

Time/Space in Global Christianity

Chair: Hilary Kaell (Concordia University)

  • Jessica Hardin (Pacific University): Sisters in Christ: Gendered Mentorship in Global Christianity
  • Hilary Kaell (Concordia University): That All May Be One: Simultaneity and Proximity in Child Sponsorship Programs
  • Stephen Selka (Indiana University, Bloomington): Spiritual Pilgrimage as Time Travel: Chronotopes in African Diaspora Tourism
  • Courtney Handman (University of Texas at Austin): The Spatiotemporal Transformations of Lutheran Airplanes

8:00-9:45 ~ 103 Dinwiddie Hall

Religious Rhythms and Ethical Practices

Chair: Nur Amali Ibrahim (Indiana University, Bloomington)

  • Nur Amali Ibrahim (Indiana University, Bloomington): Improvising Islam: Muslims and the Secular Liberal Encounter
  • Rabia Harmanşah (Lafayette College): Cyclicity of Life-Death, Hope and Motion: Time Perception of Bektashis and Esoteric Meanings
  • Kalpesh Bhatt (University of Toronto): Temporal Religious Practices: Public Memory and Everyday Ethics in the Swaminarayan Hindu Tradition
  • Isobel-Marie Johnston (Arizona State University): Jewish Marriage in Corporeal Time: The Rhythm and Rhyme of Niddah
  • Jenna Stover-Kemp (University of California, Berkeley): Textual Authority and Utopia: An Examination of the Pentateuchal Passover Traditions

8:00-9:45 ~108 Dinwiddie Hall  

National and State Narrative of Past, Present, and Future

Chair: Letha Victor (University of Toronto)

  • Letha Victor (University of Toronto): Building Roads: Time and the Movement of Interpretation
  • Mahshid Zandi (Arizona State University): Tehran’s Holy Defense Museum: War as “Glorious Time”
  • Huwy-min Lucia Liu (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology): One Ritual, Many Times: Religious Variations on Socialist Funerals in Urban China
  • Jakub Havlicek (Palacky University, Czech Republic): Religion as a Chain of Memory and Education in Post-Socialist Societies: Slovakia, Poland, and the Czech Republic

10:00-11:45 ~103 Dinwiddie Hall

Intersections of Time and Space in Evangelical Christianity

Chair: Deana L. Weibel (Grand Valley State University)

  • Deana L. Weibel (Grand Valley State University) and Joshua Ambrosius (University of Dayton): “Time from Eternity to Eternity”: Space Exploration and the Astronaut Experience of God’s Worldview
  • Ingie Hovland (University of Georgia): “Pay Careful Attention to the Time”: Synchronized Prayer in an Evangelical Women’s Movement
  • Alana Sá Leitão Souza (Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil): Religion, Time and Morality among Children in Brazil’s Most Evangelical City

10:00-11:45 ~ 102 Dinwiddie Hall

Roundtable: Religion and Migration in the Age of Trump


  • Charles Hirschkind (University of California, Berkeley)
  • Behrooz Moazami (Loyola University)
  • Abdoulaye Sounaye (Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient, Germany)
  • Catherine Wessinger (Loyola University)

10:00-11:45 ~108 Dinwiddie Hall

Rethinking Cosmologies through Examining Temporalities

Chair: Judith M. Maxwell (Tulane University)

  • Judith M. Maxwell (Tulane University): Kaqchikel (Maya) ajq’ija’: Ritual Specialists Counting the Days and Creating Time
  • Christopher B. Rodning (Tulane University): Mounds, Bundles, and the Architecture of Memory: Native American Earthen Mounds and Townhouses in the American South
  • Aaron Frederick Eldridge (University of California, Berkeley): Presence Reprised: Thinking Divine Time through the Practice of Apophasis